Welcome! To Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1792

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Col. Cyrus Sugg-SCV Camp 1792-Adams, Tennessee


A Message of Greeting from Commander James Brooks-

Hello, All Southern Partisans-

As Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1792, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the site, and also cordially invite you to attend one of our upcoming meetings here in Adams. We are proud (and humbled) to be called the descendants of the great men who fought on the Confederate side in the War For Southern Independance, and sincerely hope that you will consider joining us in our endeavors to maintain the memory of the men who preceeded us in life in our beloved Dixie. There can be no higher calling than to help to perpetuate the Christian faith and love of freedom our ancestors fought for in the dark days of 1861-65, and during which many gave there very lives to win. Although they were not successful in attaining final victory, they left behind a legacy of love and honor which we still cherish to this day. We will not allow anyone to sully their names, reputations, or honor by manipulation of historical facts for political, propaganda, or social engineering ends. We need all true patriots to stand up and be counted as men of integrity who will not be dissuaded from the defense of the unique cultural and martial standards our forefathers bequeathed to us, and for which we continue to stand. Will you join us?

                                                              Yours in Southern Liberty-

                                                               Newton James Brooks, Jr.
                                                               Commander, SCV Camp 1792



Contact Cmdr. Brooks>camp1792commander@yahoo.com